Free 2022 List of Greeting Cards

Free List of Greeting Cards

Find yourself making the same kind of cards over and over? Use this FREE 2022 List of Greeting Cards to see what holidays are coming up and to remind yourself of all the different types of cards you can make!

Since taking up card making, I have made about a million thank you cards. Ok, maybe not that many, but I have made a lot. The trouble is that when I sit down to make a card, I draw a blank on what kind of card to make. I know I use thank you cards a lot, so I just end up making them over and over. I decided to break the cycle and put together a cheat sheet!

My list of greeting cards includes all of the major card making holidays for 2022, plus a bonus list of different types of cards to make. Now when I sit down to make a card, I can make a variety of cards. Then I will have them on hand for all of the various events and milestones that pop up in the lives of my friends and family! Gone will be the days of rushing to make a last minute card or skipping sending a card all together.

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