Simon Hurley Big Hugs Stamps and Dies

Amazing Surprise Fun Flap Card!

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Hello crafty friends! πŸŒˆβœ‚οΈ I’m beyond excited to share the magic of the new Simon Hurley Big Hugs stamps and dies, courtesy of the wonderful folks at Spellbinders. Imagine three adorable critters, eight cute accessories, and a bunch of heartfelt sentiments, all ready to bring your cards to life!


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Simon Hurley Big Hugs Stamps and Dies

Meet the stars of our crafting adventure – these super sweet critters are here to spread joy and warm fuzzies. With eight fun accessories and a bunch of sentiments, the creative possibilities are endless! In my latest YouTube tutorial, I’m showing you how to make a surprise fun flap card that’s not just a card; it’s a whole experience! Watch as this sweet pug takes center stage, ready to bring a smile to anyone.

Simon Hurley Big Hugs Stamps and Dies

This set is all about versatility. From cute accessories to sweet sentiments, you can mix and match to add character to your cards. Let your imagination run wild and see how these little additions can take your creations to the next level.

Dive into the crafting world with me on YouTube! The video tutorial is your backstage pass to a super fun crafting session. I’ll spill the beans on how to bring these critters to life, and of course, there will be plenty of crafting hacks along the way.

A massive shoutout to Spellbinders for giving us the tools to create some serious crafting magic. The Simon Hurley Create Big Hugs stamps and dies are like a gift that keeps on giving – fun, creativity, and the joy of sharing all rolled into one.

So, grab your craft supplies, get comfy, and head over to my YouTube channel for the full tutorial!


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