Ultimate Cricut Mat Cheat Sheet

Ultimate Cricut Mat Cheat Sheet

Overwhelmed by all of the different materials you can use with your Cricut? Not sure which Cricut mat to use? Get this FREE printable and make life easier!

There are so many materials that you can use in your Cricut machine. This is both amazing and overwhelming! I remember first looking at all of the different options and thinking how am I ever going to remember the right mat to use with each of these materials?!

After searching for a cheat sheet, I came up empty-handed. Everything I found was just too basic. I found myself wanting more so I decided to put together one for myself. I went through each material on the Cricut website and created a cheat sheet with the recommended mat for all of the Cricut materials so that you don’t have to! Just print your cheat sheet and put it somewhere easy to access so you never have to search again!

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